About Courtney

Meet Courtney


Courtney Poullas is a proud Youngstown Resident. She grew up across the state line in New Castle, Pennsylvania. After attending Youngstown State University for both her Bachelors and Masters degrees, she built a life in Youngstown and never looked back.

Courtney earned her Bachelors of Arts in Professional Writing & Editing and a Masters Degree in English with a focus in Teaching of Writing. She began teaching college composition at 21 years old and moved on to Corporate America in 2013. As a Pearson Education employee, Courtney worked her way up from part time to Senior Management.

And then, she quit…

In 2016, Courtney (an avid distance runner herself) took on the very first Youngstown Marathon as Race Director and CEO. Leading a team and her city, the Youngstown Marathon garnished nearly 1200 runners, raised nearly six figures, and generated $15,000 in charitable donations in its first year. The Youngstown Marathon is falls under The Youngstown Marathon Foundation, a non-profit founded by Courtney that includes eight strategic board members.

Through her work as Race Director and non-profit CEO, Courtney’s confidence grew leaps and bounds. She became a willing student of modern marketing techniques, and soon, she found herself serving as a content and social media marketing consultant. Jokingly, she and her father called her work “the big cannoli,” and thus, The Big Cannoli Coaching & Consulting was born.

Courtney’s mission is to help others discover their true selves and passion and turn it into a financially viable lifestyle. By utilizing a variety of proven techniques, Courtney has grown her social media following to thousands and serves as an influencer in running and female entrepreneur communities. And now, she wants to help you create your own big cannoli.